Renewable Energy

The future is green

The Future Is Green


From utility-scale to rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions, wind and energy storage systems, we integrate our renewable energy solutions with digital energy management technology to provide customers with a reliable, high yield and high-performing solution to drive their ambitious green growth strategy. 


Renewable Energy is energy produced from natural sources that are constantly replenished and do not run out. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind will become an indispensable and important part of the power supply system.  


Energy Storage Systems (ESS) help to integrate renewables into the grid, manage intermittency and at times, act as a backup power source during an outage. Acting as a battery to store renewable energy such as solar, it helps to enhance reliability of green and hybrid energy systems. 

Our Services

Solar energy generation, storage and supply.
Renewable energy certificates registration and carbon accounting.
Digitalisation and integrated approach to maximise the value of the distributed energy resources.
Navigating local regulatory requirements and compliance with international codes and safety standards.

Rooftop Solar


Green your business with clean, renewable energy to power your operations. With a strong track record in end-to-end energy solutions design and integrated energy services, we design and deliver solar rooftop solutions that are fit for your purpose.  


From stand-alone commercial facilities, manufacturing sites and factories to larger-scale industrial zones and business parks, we offer a range of partnership models to accelerate your transition to green energy, save energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve operational efficiency.  


Starting with an expert site survey and consultation, we help you navigate the process from design to installation, through to operations and maintenance. We deliver customized solutions that are supported by credible third-party verification, adhere to international codes and safety standards, backed by rigorous quality checks and operational excellence.  

Sustainability Review


Sustainability is central to our commitment to deliver low carbon, smart energy future. 

Download our latest Sustainability Review to find out how we meet our sustainability targets.

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