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Our Solution

Providing turnkey offshore, marine and energy solutions, as you can probably imagine, requires a lot of energy. So, it is no surprise that Seatrium Limited (Seatrium), formerly Sembcorp Marine Ltd, is committed to energy optimisation for its yard operations. At Seatrium, sustainability has long been embedded in the company’s business growth strategy. When Seatrium partnered us in 2017, they had a clear goal – to leverage rooftop solar power to green its energy mix, enhance energy efficiency and contribute towards its decarbonisation and sustainable development. It is a big challenge and an exciting one.    

Our Approach


Seatrium’s flagship Tuas Boulevard Yard, which currently spans 108 hectares and is equipped with the largest steel structure fabrication facility in Southeast Asia (at 120,000 square metres), was chosen for the project. We installed solar panels at rooftops across the yard in three phases, with a total capacity of 10.8 MegaWattpeak (MWp). Phase 1 in 2017 saw the installation of 4.5 MWp of rooftop solar panels at the yard’s steel fabrication facility, followed by 4.0 MWp of solar panels across seven rooftops at the integrated yard in Phase 2, which was completed in mid-2022. The renewable energy generated will supply nearly 60% of power for the yard’s steel fabrication facility at peak load. We have completed the installation of 2.3 MWp of solar panels for Phase 3 which is scheduled to commence operation in mid-2023.


In addition, we are deploying our Green Energy Tech (GETTM) solutions to integrate and optimise the solar energy generated, providing an intelligent and reliable energy management system to realise significant energy savings.

Managing Green Power

While generating a huge amount of solar energy is critical in the overall drive to reduce carbon emissions, managing this power – storing and optimising it – is just as important. That’s why we introduced our state-of-the-art GET smart energy management system to realise significant energy savings. This system incorporates: 


  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Sensors
  • Advanced metering infrastructure


8,5 MWp capacity delivers 10,400 MWh of electricity annually – enough to power more than 2,300 four-room flats per year
Renewable energy supplies 60% of electricity consumed by Tuas Boulevard Yard’s steel fabrication facility at peak load
Reduces carbon emissions by 4,200 tonnes/year

“Seatrium recognises that it can and must contribute to global decarbonisation and sustainable development. Over the past few years, the Group has taken tangible steps to align its business objectives with Sustainability. Through embedding Industry 4.0 applications and environmentally responsible initiatives in the Group’s operations, Seatrium has been able to deliver innovative and sustainable product solutions to the global offshore, marine and energy industries, and at the same time contribute to a greener and more sustainable planet for current and future generations.”


- Seatrium Limited


Success Stories

Read more about our Renewable Energy success story here. 

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