Walking on sunshine

The Vision

Sneaker manufacturer Taekwang was running towards a specific goal: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per unit production by 14.4% by 2025. An ambitious target. With three factories in Vietnam: one in Can Tho, one in Moc Bai and the third in Dong Nai province (in other words between just 8 degrees and 23 degrees north of the equator) sunshine was one commodity they had in abundance. And with the three factory locations offering hundreds of square metres of available rooftop space in total, the natural solution was to look up to the skies for inspiration – and harness the renewable power of the sun.

Our Solution


With ambitious targets, Taekwang required a bold solution. We proposed the construction of a 20 megawatt-peak rooftop solar system designed to generate more than 28,000 megawatt-hours of green energy, while helping to reduce 22,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. As an added bonus, not only can the renewable energy generated be used for their core business of shoe production, we also managed to harness the power of sunlight and solar heat for use as energy sources in other areas of the manufacturing facility such as cafeterias and dormitories. And since our construction process itself was LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), every effort was made to make this a truly green initiative.


MWh generated per annum
tonnes reduction in carbon emissions
Certified construction process

Success Stories

Read more about our Renewable Energy success story here. 

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