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Message From The Chairman

At SP Group, it’s our mission to empower the future of energy. Given the climate crisis that faces the world, we believe that sustainability is central to achieving this goal. At the same time, nations across the Asia Pacific region are gearing up to decarbonise and realise their net-zero goals - and they are looking to businesses to take the lead and set the example on that sustainability journey.


We believe there are two ways to achieve a low-carbon, clean energy future: the first is to increase green energy on the supply side by incorporating more renewable energy sources to the grid; the second is to empower businesses to have greater visibility over their usage patterns so they can begin making more energy efficient and cost-efficient choices.


To help organisations of all sizes to be sustainable as quickly, efficiently, and reliably as possible, we offer a suite of proven digital and clean energy solutions. These include incorporating more renewable energy sources; introducing sustainable cooling solutions that provide substantial energy and cost savings; and optimising energy efficiency using advanced digital energy solutions.


As we grow our sustainability footprint across the region, we would like to empower you on your sustainability journey and to see how we can collaborate to help you meet your green goals. Reach out to us today to find out more about how we could support you.


Together, we can do our part for a sustainable, low-carbon future for everyone.



Brandon Chia

Chairman of SP Energy Thailand and SP Energy Vietnam

Managing Director of Sustainability Energy Solutions (SEA and Australia), SP Group

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