Green Energy Tech (GET™)

Reimagining sustainability through energy tech



Powered by Energy Tech, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Green Energy Tech or GET integrates different building systems and diverse data sources to provide real-time data. It enables building owners and facility managers to make smarter decisions that improve buildings’ energy efficiency, sustainability performance, and occupant well-being.

Key Benefits

Increase asset yield and returns with better management of utilities costs
Improve operational efficiency by increasing productivity for operational tasks with insights from data and digitalisation
Strengthen compliance by supporting reporting procedures according to local and international standards
Enhance occupant well-being in terms of air quality, temperature and cooling optimisation
Reduce carbon footprint, increase awareness of sustainability efforts and improve data management

Our Solutions


Our GET Insights, GET Control and GET TenantCare can improve your business operations and help take your organisation a step closer towards its green energy goals.

GET™ Insights

GET™ Insights offers you exactly that - insights. It provides an integrated view of utilities consumption within a building, premise or across your portfolio in a single place. Relying on a number of data sources including your energy management systems, existing meters or additional sensors, it helps you manage, monitor, report, analyse and optimise utilities usage to help identify wastage, cost savings and achieve sustainability targets. GET™ Insights and the Distributed Energy module helps to reduce energy bills by optimising the use of your onsite renewable energy resources (Solar PV, Energy Storage Systems) and maximise the value of the distributed energy resources, and constantly striving to find energy efficiency possibilities.
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GET™ Control

The GET™ Control solution is a self-learning building intelligence system that utilises Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technologies to optimise air-conditioning and maximise energy efficiency, based on changes in occupancy and ambient weather conditions. This innovative micro-climate control system which can connect to any BMS (Building Management System), enhances occupant well-being and thermal comfort while maximising energy and operational efficiency.
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GET™ TenantCare

GET™ TenantCare is a smart and automated tenant submetering solution designed to help landlords and property owners efficiently manage tenant utilities consumption. Backed by SP Digital’s robust advanced metering infrastructure, GET™ TenantCare simplifies operational challenges involved in utilities management, enhances tenant engagement, and frees up valuable time for landlords to focus on their core business.
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Sustainability Review


Sustainability is central to our commitment to deliver low carbon, smart energy future. 

Download our latest Sustainability Review to find out how we meet our sustainability targets.

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