Marina Bay District

A cool vision

The Opportunity

Long before the iconic Marina Bay Sands was even built with the Singapore Government had a far-sighted vision: they wanted to deploy an energy- and space- efficient innovative way of cooling for not only one building, but multiple large buildings in the Marina Bay area, using electricity as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We were engaged to design, build and then operate what would become the world’s largest underground district cooling network when it began operations in 2006. It was a big challenge – especially at a time before anyone was as familiar with the idea of district cooling as they are today. But it was a challenge we were more than ready to rise to.

Our Solution

Today, that vision is not just a reality, but it is already proving its longevity and value over time. Currently, our district cooling operations serve 23 buildings, and will expand to 28 buildings by 2026 – a reflection of the power of thinking big and the economies of scale that can come with it. The district cooling system reduces carbon emissions by up to 20,000 tonnes annually the equivalent of removing 17,672 cars from our roads. And with a centralised cooling system, it frees up space for commercial development in this most valuable district of Singapore.


70,000 RT
Cooling capacity
reliability since 2006
Energy savings up to
tonnes/year of carbon emissions reduction

Success Stories

Read more about our district cooling success stories here. 

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