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Creating an ideal indoor microclimate.

The Story


City Developments Limited (CDL) is a leading global real estate company with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. The real estate company was looking for an innovative solution to optimise energy usage, enhance occupant comfort, and drive sustainability for an office floor at Republic Plaza, CDL’s flagship development located in the heart of the Central Business District.

The Need


Within the building was an occupied office space of about 15,000 square feet that tend to have uneven temperature distribution. There is a need to eliminate hot and cold spots with proactive regulation of indoor air temperature and the solution has to be implemented with minimal disruption as it is an occupied work office.

Our Solution


To meet this challenge, we deployed our innovative GET™ Control solution: an intelligent system with advanced algorithms and predictive analytics. This allows remote monitoring and smart automation to achieve optimal control of comfort and efficiency. GET™ Control sensors collect data such as ambient temperature across the floor areas, and automatically adjust the airflow in “hot” and “cool” spots for temperature consistency. This optimisation of energy leads to greater control and efficiency for building owners, and greater comfort for the building’s occupants. With control, efficiency and comfort all in one, everyone wins!

The Result

Total energy savings from GET Control.
Improvement in occupant thermal comfort with temperature kept at 23°C - 25°C

How It Works


1) Optimisation - Self-learning building intelligence system that optimises and regulates air-conditioning in buildings    

2) Control - Smart damper system divides large open plan office into micro-zones with individual airflow control on each air-conditioning diffuser

3) Smart - Uses AI and IoT to reduce energy consumption, taking into consideration factors like occupancy and weather conditions to optimise airflow to evenly cool areas

4) Efficient - Helps save energy, improve operational efficiency and occupant comfort, and can be cost effectively deployed in a minimally invasive and scalable manner

Before implementation

Hot and cold spots in office space

After implementation

Office space is evenly cooled

Microclimate Control System

SP has partnered 75F®, a building intelligence solutions provider, to customise and implement this solution for Singapore’s tropical environment.


1) User App 

2) Facilisight

3) 75F® Central Control UnitTM

4) 75F® Smart NodeTM


  • Dampers 
  • Wav
  • WSHP
  • Fan coils
  • Unit heaters
  • Mixing valves
  • Pumps
  • ...and more

5) 75F® Sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humility
  • CO2
  • VoC
  • Occupancy
  • Light 
  • Sound
  • Pressure
  • ...and more

In A Nutshell.

“We collaborated with SP Digital on a pilot project to implement the innovative GET Control solution in one of our office floors at Republic Plaza. The solution improves our existing air-conditioning and ventilation system via its dynamic water balancing and outside air optimization features, resulting in evenly cooled spaces and enhanced occupant comfort, with greater energy efficiency.” 


Lim Ke-Vin

Head, Innovation

City Developments Limited


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