District Cooling

Singapore’s first brownfield district cooling.

Reliable. Sustainable. Scalable.


Cities, districts, commercial and industrial developments can now have an alternative pathway to reduce their carbon footprint, and their running costs. From stand-alone buildings to larger districts, we offer an energy-efficient cooling solution scaled and customised to each development.

As one of the region's leading experts in the design, build and operation of District Cooling systems, we help you rethink cooling.

What is District Cooling?


District cooling is a modern and efficient way to provide air-conditioning for a network of buildings, where chilled water is supplied from centralised cooling plants.

1. Chilled Water to Buildings

2. Warmer Water to Plant

3. Piping Network

4. Chillers producing Chilled Water in Centralised Plant


How Does It Work?


Imagine a giant air-conditioner that can cool an entire district of buildings, rather than just individual buildings – but greener and more energy efficient.


    Reap the sustainable and cost benefits via economies of scale in larger districts. Instead of each building having its own chillers, the centralised production of chilled water for air-conditioning can be distributed to all buildings through a closed loop pipe network.
    An innovative pay-as-you-use model that makes sustainable cooling available to individual buildings or integrated developments. Outsource your cooling operations to us and enjoy reliable, hassle-free, and cost-effective cooling.

Key Benefits

District cooling is an energy efficient and cost effective choice - especially for those using urban utilities on a large scale. It offers a wide range of attractive benefits to building owners such as:

Higher energy efficiency which contributes to carbon neutrality objectives
Lower initial and recurrent operating costs
Lower total lifecycle cost
Frees up plant room space for alternative commercial use
Round-the-clock availability and support
On-demand flexibility
High supply reliability

Success Stories

Every district cooling project has a different set of requirements. At SP Group, we have established a reputation for working closely with our clients to deliver district cooling solutions that are tailored to their needs. Below are just a few examples of our recent projects.


Learn more about our standards of excellence.

Taking the heat off cooling: A greener way to cool


Download our whitepaper in studying the impact of a brownfield distributed district cooling network in Singapore.

Sustainability Review


Sustainability is central to our commitment to deliver low carbon, smart energy future. 

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