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The Story

When complete, Tampines will be Singapore’s first town centre to be retrofitted with an interconnected, sustainable cooling solution. This is SP Group’s first brownfield cooling project- replacing the traditional chiller plants of seven key buildings in the area and successfully substituting them with a distributed district cooling alternative for air conditioning. The project is due to be completed and operational in the first half of 2025.

Our Approach


Instead of constructing a new centralised cooling plant for this project, our innovative design will utilise existing in-building chiller plants. Of the seven buildings to be cooled, a few chiller plants are selected as injection nodes: those with excess cooling capacity and superior energy efficiency factors. By connecting the injection nodes through a piping network, we’ll make it possible for all seven buildings to obtain chilled water for their cooling needs. This will help the buildings save energy costs, and free up stranded assets and leasable space in the process.

Greening Tampines and Benefiting Building Owners

The project will help Tampines town centre reduce its carbon emissions by 1,359 tonnes annually, equivalent to removing 1,236 cars from Singapore’s roads. It will also achieve energy savings of more than 2,800,000 kilowatt-hour (kWh) annually, which can power more than 905 three-room apartments for a year. The DDC network will provide the seven building owners with a combined life cycle economic benefits of up to $50.8 million over 30 years. Through interconnection across the various buildings, the DDC will also reduce the current un-utilised cooling capacity by up to 42 per cent, freeing up chiller plant gross floor area (GFA) that can be converted to commercial and lifestyle spaces.


10,500 RT
Cooling Capacity
2,8m kwh
Energy savings annually
tonnes/ yr of carbon emissions reduction
Combined life-cycle economic benefits over 30 years

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