Integrated Energy Solutions

Go Green At-Scale


The larger scale your project, the more likely our integrated energy solutions are going to be of value to you. By designing across our full spectrum of sustainable energy solutions to offer you a bespoke solution that gets you the best results, in the most efficient way.  


Through integrating district cooling and heating, renewable energy solutions, energy storage, smart monitoring and predictive maintenance, our comprehensive suite of smart building energy management solutions provides a holistic platform for offices, retail malls, factories, hospitals and residential townships to seamlessly monitor, manage, and optimise their energy operations.



Transition to clean energy
Optimise operations
Data-driven insights
Enhance energy efficiency

Success Stories


We have worked with a number of organisations across the region to help design holistic energy management solutions, giving buildings, districts and cities the power to decarbonise, enhance efficiency and save costs.

Sustainability Review


Sustainability is central to our commitment to deliver low carbon, smart energy future. 

Download our latest Sustainability Review to find out how we meet our sustainability targets.

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