The first university in South east Asia to have a multi-energy microgrid network

The Story

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is Singapore’s fifth autonomous university. Its SIT@Punggol campus is an embodiment of the university’s values: a home of cutting edge technology, smart solutions, and applied learning – in which theory is put into practice. SIT partnered SP Group to build the first university campus in Southeast Asia to have a campus-wide multi-energy micro-grid network.

Our Approach

The micro-grid is specially designed for Singapore’s tropical climate and will integrate, electricity, thermal and renewable sources of energy into a unified smart energy network. The micro-grid will provide a sandbox environment to testbed Singapore’s future energy system and enable SIT to tap green energy sources and technologies such as:


● Building-Integrated Solar Energy
● Distributed Energy Storage Technologies
● Micro-Grid Controller

“We are pleased that our collaboration with SP Group over the past few years has matured to a stage where we can explore new ground in areas that will help Singapore address issues of energy resilience and energy management. This augurs well for the country as we approach a future that is increasingly going to rely on sustainable and green sources of energy.”


Professor Chua Kee Chaing

SIT President 


Learning And Greening


  • Zero-Emissions Campus
  • First university campus in Southeast Asia to have a campus-wide multi-energy micro-grid network
  • Carbon emissions reduced equivalent to removing close to 2,000 vehicles off the roads

Success Stories

Read more about our Integrated Energy Solutions success stories here. 

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