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Charging Point Management


If you are an EV (electric vehicle) charge point operator (CPO), the ability to remotely and conveniently manage, monitor and optimise the charging points under your care will be of critical importance. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. High maintenance costs of the chargers, 
  2. Unpredictable electricity price fluctuations, 
  3. Increasing demand for faster chargers, 
  4. Lack of data and insights to understand customers and their usage patterns, 
  5. Managing constraints in the grid - electricity supply vs. demand? 

If so, our advanced Charging Station Management Systems may be the perfect solution for you. 


Key Benefits

SP Group are experts in the remote operation and management of multiple charging points. We have also developed proprietary GET (Green Energy Tech) capabilities for electric mobility which help you GET the most from your electric vehicle charging points, enabling you to: 

Onboard and configure multiple EV Charging stations
View customer sessions and assist them remotely
Integrate service provider apps to the charge point interface
Smart Charging - activate capacity management for multiple EV charging points
Set up tariff rates and keep track of transactions
Spot and fix problems with remote charge point diagnostics and configurations
Stay secure thanks to our reliable digital systems
Perform automatic monitoring and troubleshooting activities
Sustainability Review


Sustainability is central to our commitment to deliver low carbon, smart energy future. 

Download our latest Sustainability Review to find out how we meet our sustainability targets.

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